Manager général

Khadija Maselela SY

General menager

is a multi dimensional company that was founded by young people. We have a dream to play a big role in the development of Senegal . Our main priority is to get the youth working and helping them build something that will last for generations to come.

We are working at bridging the gap between Senegal and the world. Our main service is translation and interpretation, with this we have seen ourselves becoming the mouthpiece to local businesses in terms of connecting their service to international markets. When we started the business we identified 4 main needs for foreign investors which are; Translation, Sourcing, Hosting and Moving, but since we started working we have realized that the services merge into each other. They can be required individually, but we have found that they are all connected.

KITE is going to become a household name for a lot of things and we are working hard to make it one. I as the General Manager hope to see it branch out into neighboring countries and later my home country, South Africa. Being a foreigner myself in Senegal has given me the advantage of having a fresh eye to identify opportunities and needs. With the team we have I believe that we will grow our business and boost the economy exponentially in the coming years. Watch this space!

L'équipe de KITE

Abdou Khadre SY

Responsable developpement & partenariat


Responsable developpement & partenariat

Saliou FALL

Responsable marketing & communication


Responsable traduction & interprétation

Serigne Fallou NDIAYE

Responsable marketing & communication